Complete internal and external outsourcing solutions for corporations


Our Complex services are fulfilling demands from different industries.


We provide different size and material-based wrapping for companies according to the partner’s request.

Quality Control

Visual inspection of products using magnifying glass and microscope. From automotive aluminum castings to fine mechanical’s small parts.

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    We are pleased that our company has aroused your interest. If you would like to use our services, please contact our staff by e-mail or telephone, who will be happy to assist you.

  • Analysis

    After a preliminary need’s assessment, we make solution proposals and discussing them. After that we create the most optimal suggestion for your company.

  • Offer

    Based on the common agreed parameters, we will send you a detailed price offer.

  • Contracting

    After accepting the price offer, we will record the details of the cooperation in a contract.

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Get to know our company and our team!

  • 2021

    Development of our central site in Jászfényszaru

    energy modernization and construction of a new factory hall

  • 2020

    Product expansion

    purchase of a label printer

  • 2019

    Use renewable energy sources

    development of the existing factory in Jászfényszaru

  • 2018

    Service portfolio expansion

    building new business relationships from the automotive and electronics industries

  • 2017

    Opening of a new site in Jásztelk

    assembly of household electronic devices (vacuum cleaner)

  • 2014

    Opening of a site in Cegléd suitable for 80 employees

    obtaining a quality management system certificate in accordance with the requirements of the Certop ISO 9001: 2015 standard

  • 2013

    Accessibility of the Jászfényszaru plant

    obtaining a rehabilitation accreditation certificate, preparing a workplace health preservation plan

  • 2009

    Recruitment of 160 new employees

  • 2008

    Opening a site in Jászfényszaru

    packaging of food products

  • 2005

    Operation of newsagents and shops

    first activities from the firm

  • 2004

    Year of foundation

    the company is established



5126 Jászfényszaru Bedekovich sétány 1.

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Statement of support


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Our team

Get to know the people who you will work with

Dr. Tamás Mondi
strategic development director

He conducts market research, analyzes business strategy, and makes proposals to expand production.

Tamás Galambosi
operative leader

His purpose to achieve efficiency, coherence and productivity.

Kovács Janka
chief financial officer

She supervise the company's financial activities, determines the annual operating and investment costs, and controls expenses.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our company pays special attention to the issue of social responsibility, equal treatment and the preservation of the natural environment. We regularly organize health-preserving, recreational programs (eg sports day, excursions, team building) for the employees of M-V Consulting Kft.

In addition to healthy employees, we also employ people with reduced capacity to work, which contributes to promoting equal opportunities. We also attach great importance to the funding of charities to help the disadvantaged.

We support the employment of retired employees so that they can pass on their professional knowledge and life experience to the younger generation, thus increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of work and the success of our company.

We have designed our operating halls in the spirit of environmental awareness: we use renewable energy sources (solar system), air-water heat pump heating and cooling system, and electric forklifts. Ergonomic workstations and energy-saving lighting systems are being developed.

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